About Us

The company was founded on October 19, 2001, it was formally located the beautiful coastal city - Qinhuangdao, namely No. 16 He Ping street of the North Industrial Zone;

In 2010, the company achieved expansion, the new factory is located in Lulong - the land of benevolence and righteousness with clear water and green mountains, beautiful scenery, long history and culture, namely the west side of Mingzhi Road, Lulong Economic Development Zone, Hebei. 

The product has obtained national patent (ZL 03 2 62047.0)!
Company Culture
Company Culture
Taking product quality as life and serving customers as its purpose
The company insists on the principle of technology guiding the market
In 2002, the company introduced a plastic disposable extrusion sheet unit, which can produce 0.3-2.0mm thick DWD120 polymer waterproof roll for users.
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